Omnizonic Battery Tech (HK) Ltd provides and produces 3V Li-MnO2 Cylindrical Batteries.  We offer products under our registered trade mark “Omnizonic” as well as OEM items to worldwide customers.

Our company stress high emphasis, and implement proactive plans on three main factors, Safety, Environmental Considerations, and Quality. We believe they could synergize benefits to all buyers and end users.



This is the utmost important issue to us, and to ensure that, we have built an advanced in house testing laboratory and have implemented comprehensive testing procedures to ascertain standards and safety measures are met.


Environmental considerations

We apprehend the environmental protection factors through our product and place of production.  All of our products are UL certified, our factory is ISO14001:2004 certified.



In addition to providing stable and excellent products, we have one distinctive factor that sets us apart from our competitors; our batteries offer an outstanding discharge performance both under normal and LOW temperature conditions.

We are delightfully delivering to customer worldwide, with an output capacity of approximately 2 million pieces monthly, we hope to satisfy to your needs.  We look forward to serving you.



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